parallel imports

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Sun Feb 28 20:30:54 GMT 2010

I realize I've brought up this topic before, but I think it's becoming
increasingly important because of udd and it would be nice to know what
the plans are (if any?) to deal with it.

Bazaar does not have a way to do parallel imports properly. If two
branches use different file ids for the same file then merging between
the branches will cause conflicts every time. 

This is an issue for example when merging from upstream into the bazaar
branches created by James' package importer. 

E.g. recently I have tried to use Bazaar to upload a newer version of
Heimdal to Debian experimental. Ideally something like this should work:

bzr branch lp:debian/sid/heimdal
cd heimdal
bzr merge lp:heimdal
dch -v 1.4.0~bzr`bzr revno lp:heimdal` "New upstream snapshot."
bzr bd

It doesn't because of the file id conflicts in "bzr merge lp:heimdal"

Are there any plans to deal with these file id conflicts in Bazaar
itself, or do we rather need tools that basically rebase branches to use
different file ids ?


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