Guido Serra zeph at guidoserra.it
Thu Jun 28 19:17:42 BST 2007

>> We have client servers that are ubuntu based, so we were keen to  
>> follow progress here, as ubuntu can be a nightmare to setup for  
>> things like pam_ldap etc.
> Never had problems with it myself.  There are step-by-step guides  
> on help.ubuntu.com.  I built an LDAP/Samba/NFS server for a client  
> to authenticate Mac/Linux/Windows users all from the same box and  
> dish out the same home/MyDocs, .bashrc (mac/linux/win-cygwin),  
> etc.  The whole thing is managed by GOsa:
> http://www.gosa-project.org/
> Heaps of doco about on the web, and the whole project was fairly  
> trivial.

Trivial???? what do you mean????

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