Guido Serra zeph at guidoserra.it
Wed Jun 27 16:43:09 BST 2007

>> i don't know... i've not seen much mail traffic here
>> are you working on something correlated?
> We have client servers that are ubuntu based, so we were keen to  
> follow
> progress here, as ubuntu can be a nightmare to setup for things like
> pam_ldap etc.

no, it's not ...

> Is this project still active then?

i don't know, it seems sleepy ;)

i joined because i did something similar to FDS but more integrated  
for a customer of mine... now my need is to package everything and  
create a stable product

is someone else reading this list?

do we have an svn?

Guido Serra aka Zeph
+39 348 4313 992

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