Olivier Lemaire olem at senso-rezo.org
Sun Jun 17 21:49:05 BST 2007


I recently felt the need to contribute a little bit more to the
'business' usefullness of and Ubuntu server for Small/Medium business
company, and think a central directory server is one of the usefull
pieces that are needed.

I'm working everydays in a highly contamined Microsoft area, and so
have a good insight on how what corporate users are accustomed to
(for their benefits or not) and feel as 'usefull and normal' or not.

I also recently saw that Luke, from PADL Software, wrote a pam_ccreds
to cache authentication infos form a pam/LDAP enabled node. (In fact,
I recently spotted his job which is not pretty new).

So I thought it was a good time to re-invest in the 'central directory'
domain for Linux (for authentication at first glance, but not only).

In 2K1-2K2, I had to work on such a topic for a customer, while I
was working for an Open Source company (see The SAMBA-2.2.4/LDAP PDC HOWTO).
I did not worked intensively on this topic since then. At that time, I was
working on a M$ windows compliant alternative. But I feel this is probably
not the most urgent way to follow.

Is there any way to join and help ongoing ubuntu-directory tasks?

Olivier Lemaire, aka 'LEM'
olivier.lemaire at siemens.com     ----     http://www.siemens.com/sbs
olem at senso-rezo.org             ----     olem on irc.freenode.net

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