[ubuntu-directory] NetworkAuthentication/Client

Jerry Haltom wasabi at larvalstage.net
Tue Oct 31 14:06:15 GMT 2006

> Actually, you want to use pam_winbindd, and have winbindd handle the
> ticket management.

I'm all for using Winbind, but I have to question the long term
feasibility of doing so. Yes, our first goal is AD... because that can
get us market share. But it's not our last goal.

Along with joining AD, I would like it to be a very small step to join
other LDAP/Kerberos directories. For these, winbind isn't going to
work... and so it's going to have to do it another way. A dedicated
ticket daemon... plain pam_krb5. There's no replacement for winbind for
'net ads join' on AD... but the other stuff...

So, winbind will certainly be used, but it doesn't make the other stuff
go away.
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