Upcoming openssl SRU will need reviews

Adrien Nader adrien at notk.org
Tue Jan 2 18:34:07 UTC 2024


I will be working again on this openssl SRU soon (tomorrow maybe):
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssl/+bug/2033422 .

> This SRU addresses three issues with Jammy's openssl version:
> - http://pad.lv/1994165: ignored SMIME signature errors
> - http://pad.lv/2023545: imbca engine dumps core
> - http://pad.lv/2033422: very high CPU usage for concurrent TLS

There is a hard customer deadline for #2033422 itself at the end of the
month (the performance improvement, but considering workloads fail due
to the terrible performance, it's also a functional fix). It is also a
large change.

The two other changes require only minor tweaks compared to the version
I prepared but that performance change is large.
I realize this request comes a bit late in terms of agile pulses but I
wasn't aware of the deadline before the a working day ago (yes, that was
in 2023 :) but like 5 or 6pm ).
Can someone plan this SRU review so it can be done in time? I am
confident the SRU will be ready for review next Monday at worse (taking
all possible delays into account).

Thanks a lot,

Fundations team - putting the fun back into reviews

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