+1 maintenance report

Chris Peterson chris.peterson at canonical.com
Sat Feb 10 02:43:58 UTC 2024

Hi all,

I had my second +1 shift this week. I focused on trying to push some
transitions over the finish line.

= ICU =
This was held up by an unrelated FTBFS issue in 389-ds-base on
armhf, which is now resolved.

== 389-ds-base (LP: #2052578 ) ==
This logic for supporting 32-bit architectures was there, but
just needed to be rearranged. Thank you Sergio for sponsoring
my patch.  Also thank you Nick for providing a simpler solution
which I forwarded to Debian.

= tinyxml2 =
This is still blocked by ros-ros-comm and ros-diagnostics.

== ros-ros-comm (LP: #2051585) ==
Picking up where Dan left off on this, I spent a good amount of
time trying to untangle the usage of deprecated unittest code.
I have a fix going for this that I hope to land next week, so
I'll keep the bug assigned to myself.

= Proposed-Migrations =

== ipyparallel vs python3.12 (LP: #2052727) ==
One of ipyparallel's unit tests was failing due to changes in
unittest in python3.12. Thank you Graham for sponsoring.

Thank you,
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