PSA: proposed-migration for arm64

Brian Murray brian at
Fri Feb 9 17:51:50 UTC 2024

Happy Friday fellow Ubuntu Developers! I'm writing to let you know about
an in progress change with the proposed-migration environment /
autopkgtest runners. As of yesterday we have arm64 instances running in
Canonical's Prodstack 6 cloud. While we've worked to ensure that
everything is the same, if not better than scalingstack, its possible
that we missed something. If you are suspicious of a failure you can
look at the first few lines of the log files for a mention of bos03
(PS6) or bos01 (scalingstack) or bos02 (scalingstack). If you see
something, say something!

We'll be removing the scalingstack arm64 instances in the near future
depending on queue depth and pending transitions.

Additionally, we've increased the default instance size from 1 CPU and
1536MB to 2 CPUs and 4096MB. Subsequently, the Ubuntu QA team will also
be testing all the packages hinted to run on the big flavor to see if
the hint is still necessary.

Have a great weekend!
Brian Murray

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