+1 maintenance report and hand-off

Chris Peterson chris.peterson at canonical.com
Fri Apr 5 20:59:07 UTC 2024

Hi everyone,

I was on +1 maintenance this last week. Here is my report and hand-off:

# Hand-off

My advice is the same as Simon's from last week. I suggest heading over
to #ubuntu-release on IRC and asking if you can help out with what's going
on there. Currently, there is a push to get seeded packages migrated
after the xz-utils incident related rebuilds and then to deal with any
regressions in seeded packages that would affect the image builds.
After that, I am sure there is much time_t related clean-up that has
been put on hold that still needs attention. In lieu of anything that
needs immediate attention, I would suggest you start reading through
the logs of #ubuntu-release after 2024-03-26 to find bugs for test
regressions that were hinted through.

# Report

This last week was another unexpected "mass +1 party" as we worked to
rebuild the archive after removing any binaries potentially tainted by
xz-utls. I spent a lot of time investigating missing/failed builds and
requesting retries, but I didn't do a great job of keeping a log of these to
report here. I also spent time time drilling down into the many numpy
related autopkgtests regressions, retrying tests, and I opened the
following bugs:

## astroml (LP: #2060244)

This packages contains a reference to a function in numpy.testing that was
deprecated in numpy v1.25. I cherry-picked the patch for this from
Debian which fixed the issue. Upload sponsored by ginggs - thanks!

## contourpy (LP: #2060250)

This package's autopkgtests are flaky on armhf, and seemingly never
pass on ppc64el and s390x, due to some threading tests which fail
when the process fails to create multiple threads. This doesn't appear
to be numpy related and I plan to follow up on this next week.

## cython-legacy (LP: #2060251)

This package uses numpy.disutils, which has been deprecated since
numpy/1.23 for python3.12. I don't think there's an immediate fix
for this, but I will also follow up on this next week.

I still have some time left in my day, which I'll use to investigate
install-ability of the desktop meta packages.

That's all for my report! Have a great weekend.

- cpete
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