+1 maintenance report

Benjamin Drung bdrung at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 1 16:28:02 UTC 2023


I was on +1 maintenance on this week. Since I was on vacation on Monday
I only had four days (2023-08-29 to 2023-09-01).

The previous +1 maintenance report (by Zixing Liu) is here:

## Details

* Follow up on Zixing Liu shift: Included his fix to python-requests-
toolbelt in Debian, uploaded 1.0.0-2 to unstable, and synced to Ubuntu.

* I used visual-excuses to look at clusters. There were no big clusters
  in universe. So I start looking at the oldest entries and checked
  their linked update-excuse bugs for updates.

* **bettercap-caplets**: It looks like bettercap-ui was rejected from
  the Debian NEW queue (LP: #2023575)

* **gsl**: Retried failing ruby-gsl/ on ppc64el.
  It is still failing and needs to be investigated.

* Opened [python-oslo.log 5.2.0-0ubuntu1

* **dcfldd**:
  - I could reproduce the ppc64el test case failure and created a bug
    report for it:
  - Reported drive-by failure:
  - Nailed the failure down to the `-O3` compiler flag and therefore
    marked gcc-13 as affected.

* **simde**: The test suite on ppc64el failed. I could reproduce it on a
  ppc64el host. So I opened bug #2033648 for it. Tested the lastest
  upstream code which addresses those failures, but introduces two new
  ones: https://github.com/simd-everywhere/simde/issues/1057

* **spyder**: The upstream test case
  `test_get_user_environment_variables` failed to get the `PATH`
  variable. The behavior could be reproduced in the autopkgtest
  environment by running `env -i bash -l -c env` (trimmed down what the
  upstrem Python code does). The latest upstream code (git master
  branch) changed to use `bash -l` inside `bash -i` which did not work
  as well. So I reported the failure upstream. (LP: #2033518)

* **dulwich**: I guess upgrading breezy from 3.3.2-2ubuntu1 to 3.3.3-2
  could solve the test failures (needs testing), but this would need a
  feature freeze exception.

* **dxvk**: Depends on libwine-development-dev which is provided by
  wine-development. wine-development is not suitatable for Debian
  testing nor Ubuntu.

* **pycrc**: 0.10.0-1 built successfully locally, but failed the same
  way after cutting the Internet access. Added a patch to use
  `docbook.dtd` from docbook5-xml instead of getting it from the
  Internet. Uploaded 0.10.0-2 to unstable and synced to Ubuntu.

* **phylonium**: 1.7-1 FTBFS on armhf. The same is true for Debian.
  Created LP #2033638 and linked the Debian bug.

* **debug-me**: 1.20221231-1 FTBFS on ppc64el due to internal ld.gold
  error. Created LP #2033639 and marked binutils as affected.

* **dipy**: 1.7.0-1 fails to build on arm64, ppc64el, and s390x due to
  a failing `test_cross` test case. This failure has been [reported
upstream](https://github.com/dipy/dipy/issues/2866) and `test_cross`
  is skipped in 1.7.0-2. So I synced that version.

* **py3dns**: `testNS` and `testNSD` fails in the autopkgtest
  environment, but these test succeed in a local schroot autopkgtest.
  Probably the network setup in the Ubuntu autopkgtest environment let
  these test fail. Created LP #2033649 for that and marked upstream as
  affected as well.

* **bladerf**: 0.2023.02-1 fails to build from source, because it tries
  to access the Internet (LP: #2033661). I changed the packaging to use
  pybuild, uploaded 0.2023.02-1ubuntu1, and forwarded the change to

* **jdupes**: Fails to build on i386, because it introduces a new
  dependency: libjodycode. I asked on #ubuntu-release to add libjodycode
  to the list of packages that we build on i386.

* **stegseek**: 0.6+git20210910.ff677b9-1 fails to build, because
  libjpeg62-turbo-dev is not available on Ubuntu. I changed the build
  dependency to libjpeg-turbo8-dev and uploaded
  0.6+git20210910.ff677b9-1ubuntu1 to Ubuntu.

* **pytrainer**: 2.2.1-1 has a broken dependency on python2, because
  dh-python replaced the shebang `/usr/bin/env python` by
  `/usr/bin/python2`. Enforce `/usr/bin/python3` as shebang, uploaded
  that as 2.2.1-2 to Debian unstable, and synced to Ubuntu.

* **zict**: zict 3.0.0-2 `test_stress_different_keys_threadsafe` hangs
  on ppc64el (LP #2033759). This behavior can be reproduces by running
  the test suite only on one core (on ppc64el and amd64). So I reported
  it upstream: https://github.com/dask/zict/issues/107

* **pytorch-vision**: FTBFS with ffmpeg 6.0. Opened LP #2033761 for it
  and linked the Debian bug.

* **python-gsd**: 3.0.1-3 was not built on s390x. This was an
  intentional change in the Debian package, because upstream does not
  support big-endian systems. So I asked the archive admins to remove
  the python-gsd s390x build from mantic:

* **python-libnacl**: 2.1.0-1 failed to build due to a recent
  poetry-core breaks poetry. Since poetry 1.5.1+dfsg-4ubuntu1 is now in
  mantic, I retried the build successfully.

* **python-socks**: The autopkgtest fails for 2.3.0-1, because it needs
  the `tiny_proxy` module (LP: #2033899). So I packaged that module as
  part of the Debian Python Team.

Benjamin Drung
Debian & Ubuntu Developer

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