isc-dhcp: should we start phasing it out?

Thomas Ward teward at
Mon May 16 19:03:43 UTC 2022


I'm tempted to start the migration to Kea, but the documentation is 
extremely vague on proper migration.  If we intend to move in that 
direction, we'll need to have a migration guide of some sort, so that 
it's a more seamless transition for people.  Just a thought.


On 5/16/22 14:40, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> On 16/05/2022 18:34, Andreas Hasenack wrote:
>> Could we perhaps start with phasing out the client, get its rdeps to
>> use alternatives, and then stop building it, and eventually get to the
>> server? This could be a lot of work, as I said, isc-dhcp is a classic,
>> but if upstream is shifting its focus elsewhere, soon we will be
>> alone.
> Thanks for raising the topic. Upstream is clearly signalling their 
> preference for a Kea-only future, so one way or another folks who are 
> on ISC dhcpd are going to need to pick a new offering. I moved a 
> network to Kea last year because ISC dhcpd HA had a number of 
> unexpected behaviours, Kea seems much more rational in that regard and 
> a good fit for our own offerings and services such as MAAS. I also 
> think we might be able to contribute dqlite support for Kea upstream, 
> which would make HA even easier.
> Mark

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