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Graham Inggs ginggs at ubuntu.com
Mon May 16 08:31:28 UTC 2022

Hi Robie

On Fri, 13 May 2022 at 23:04, Robie Basak <robie.basak at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> octave is in dep-wait on riscv64 for libpetsc-real3.16-dev
> Produced by src:petsc which FTBFS on riscv64
> FTBFS is because of missing symbol SCOTCH_ParMETIS_V3_NodeND
> On amd64 this is shipped in libptscotchparmetisv3-7.0.1.so in libptscotch-7.0_7.0.1-2_amd64.deb
> Also available on riscv64
> So why does the configure script not find it specifically on riscv64? Not sure but it's not looking in libptscotchparmetisv3.so at all. Looks like this was fixed in petsc upstream commit 3307d110e72ee4e6d2468971620073eb5ff93529 that hasn't been released yet. Upstream latest tag is v3.17.1. petsc is 3.16.6 in Ubuntu and Debian has 3.17.0+dfsg1-1exp1 in experimental.
> petsc is currently built on all archs except riscv64, but a rebuild of amd64 fails for me locally.
> Looks like this generally needs a deeper investigation. Upstream has a
> very large number of recent commits. It might be easier just to wait for
> them to release rather than patch up our older version.

This looks like version skew to me; the failed petsc build on riscv64
was against libscotch-dev 7.0.1-2, while the successful builds on the
other architectures were against libscotch-dev 6.1.3-1. As you
noticed, petsc FTBFS on amd64 (and everywhere else) right now, I
believe this is due to the hypre/scalapack/scotch/petsc/slepc
transitions being entangled.  I have done a bunch of no-change
rebuilds for these, and hopefully petsc will be able to build later


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