Re:Question to flavors: touch-base on flavor participation for 22.10!

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Mon May 16 06:23:59 UTC 2022


Ubuntu Kylin will participate in the 22.10 release.


在2022年05月11 17时40分,"Graham Inggs"<ginggs at>写道:

Hello flavors!

As we do around the start of every new cycle, I am reaching out to all
the current official Ubuntu flavors to confirm active participation in
the upcoming Ubuntu release - 22.10.

Working towards a release requires a lot of effort, so we'd like to
make sure all the flavors are ready, properly staffed and have enough
time allocated to make 22.10 happen for their users. This is why,
similarly to last year, I will need a confirmation follow-up message
about kinetic participation from every flavor, that is:

 * Kubuntu
 * Xubuntu
 * Ubuntu Studio
 * Lubuntu
 * Ubuntu Kylin
 * Ubuntu MATE
 * Ubuntu Budgie

If you have any concerns regarding your participation, feel free to
reach out to me or anyone else from the ubuntu-release team.

Thank you!


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