Legality of using free VMware Workstation Player for alpha and beta testing of Ubuntu?

Aaron Rainbolt arraybolt3 at
Thu May 12 20:03:40 UTC 2022

I am digging deep into the world of Ubuntu development and am trying to
make sure my alpha and beta testing is as effective as possible. I also
don't want to cash out an arm and a leg for expensive software to do so.
I've been using virt-manager (QEMU/KVM) for testing on virtual machines,
and while things seem to be going well, I'd like to test on other
hypervisors too for the sake of catching as many bugs as possible.

VMware provides their Workstation Player product for free, *for
non-commercial use.* Problem is, I can't figure out if using VMware for
Ubuntu testing would be considered commercial use. One one hand, I'm not a
Canonical employee, nor am I using VMware for employment purposes, so that
would be non-commercial, but on the other hand, I'm helping a large
enterprise build an OS that is used for commercial purposes, so that seems
like commercial use.

Do any of y'all do QA testing in the free version of VMware Workstation
Player? Does anyone know if this is a legal use of VMware?

Thank you for your help and time.

(Note: I *think* these kinds of questions are what this mailing list is
for, but if I'm misguided and should have sent this to
ubuntu-devel-discuss, please let me know and I'll direct these kinds of
questions there instead.)
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