Proposal: move byobu (and run-one) to universe

Paride Legovini paride at
Wed May 4 15:22:07 UTC 2022

Hi -devel,

The status of src:byobu appears to be less than ideal, and this has been
the case for several cycles now. I think we should consider moving it
from main to universe in kinetic. The general feedback from the Server
Team about this proposal is positive. We are not aware of anything
specific that could be broken or degraded by the change, however we'd
like to hear feedback from other developers and users before proceeding.
This is also tracked in [0].


 - Upstream has very little activity [1];
 - Bugs filed against the project are mostly not watched/triaged;
 - Bugs filed against the package do get triaged but are never
   prioritized, and fixes are normally not SRUed;
 - I don't think the package would have the MIR requirements [4] today;
 - Possibly anecdotal: I don't think the package has widespread usage.

Currently we have:

$ reverse-depends -c main byobu
* ubuntu-server
* ubuntu-server-raspi [arm64 armhf]
* ubuntu-wsl [amd64 arm64]

so we'd only need to change the seeds to demote.

Side effects:

The run-one package is seeded as a dependency of byobu, it has no other
reverse dependencies in main. To be evaluated if it makes sense to
explicitly seed it or demote it too.



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