Using Error Tracker data for SRUs

Brian Murray brian at
Thu Jun 30 21:03:43 UTC 2022

I was recently looking at an SRU[1] which fixes a crash which was
reported about gnome-remote-desktop in the Ubuntu Error Tracker but the
crash was actually in freerdp2. Subsequently, there isn't an easy to
confirm that there are not crashes with the new version of the package
because the problem page[2] in the Error Tracker only shows the
gnome-remote-desktop version of the package.

However, the information is in the Error Tracker as gnome-remote-desktop
depends on libfreerdp2-2 and apport collects version information about a
package's dependencies. While this information isn't yet easily
accessible I was able to write a database query to find the versions of
libfreerdp2-2 installed and confirm that the version of the package in
-proposed didn't appear in any of the crashes.

I mention it as having the database queried may be useful for
verification of other SRUs. So let me know if you could use some
more data.


Brian Murray

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