+1 maintenance report

Benjamin Drung bdrung at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 20 10:07:28 UTC 2022


Last week was my first +1 maintenance shift. I looked at different
topics. See the summary below.

Proposed migrations

## collectd and kcollectd

collectd 5.12.0-9 builds and kcollectd 0.12.0-1 builds. So I closed
blocking bug #1960612.

## xdg-utils-cxx

The migration for xdg-utils-cxx was 233 days old. It failed to build
from source due to missing symbols. I uploaded xdg-utils-cxx 1.0.1-
3ubuntu1 and 1.0.1-3ubuntu2 and forwarded patch to Debian bug #1004109.

## golang-github-komkom-toml

golang-github-komkom-toml fails on armhf. This is a 32-bit issue. There
was already Debian bug #1004048. I forwarded it upstream to
https://github.com/komkom/toml/issues/5. Upstream developed a fix and I
tested upstream fix today. Then I uploaded 0.0~git20211215.3c8ee9d-2
with the upstream fix. This version will be auto-synced to Ubuntu.


Reviewed, commented, and closed


## golang-github-prometheus-common

Synced golang-github-prometheus-common 0.32.1-8.

## portsmf

Merged portsmf 0.1~svn20101010-6ubuntu1.

## golang-github-prometheus-exporter-toolkit

Synced golang-github-prometheus-exporter-toolkit 0.7.1-3.

## prometheus

Synced prometheus 2.33.5+ds1-2. Some tests fails on armhf. I opened
bugĀ https://bugs.launchpad.net/prometheus/+bug/1978803 and forwarded
upstream: https://github.com/prometheus/prometheus/issues/10869

## keyutils

Sponsored keyutils 1.6.1-3

## python-django-formtools

Synced python-django-formtools 2.3-1.

Not Built from Source (NBS)

## dcmtk

plastimatch fails to build from source. There is already Debian bug
#1012439 plus upstream bug
https://gitlab.com/plastimatch/plastimatch/-/issues/85. I opened
https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/plastimatch/+bug/1978709 to
track it and asked the archive admins to remove the package until the
failure is fixed upstream / in Debian. Then this package will be auto-

## rocksdb

The autopkgtest for balboa failed. After some debugging, I figured out
that rocksdb missed to build lz4 support. I opened Debian #1012629 and
uploaded rocksdb 7.2.2-4ubuntu1 with fix. The fix landed in Debian. So i
synced rocksdb 7.2.2-5.

python-rocksdb still fails to build with the current rocksdb. There is
Debian bug #1012074 for it. The upstream developer is a Debian
developer. So we should poke him.

Benjamin Drung
Debian & Ubuntu Developer

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