+1 maintenance report

Simon Chopin simon.chopin at canonical.com
Mon Jun 13 10:29:22 UTC 2022

This is a belated report for my +1 maintenance shift that ran from
2022-05-30 to 2022-06-03.

Sadly, some time-critical stuff came up during that week, severely
affecting the amount of work I was able to do. Most of my work was
focused on getting packages out of -proposed.

Packages that might need followup (see details below):
- astroquery
- ruby-gitlab-fog-azure-rm
- debsig-verify

I followed up on @alexghiti’s work by carrying his patch to both
upstream and Debian. It has been merged and published in Debian, but
still needs some work for upstream inclusion, see

FTBFS on s390x due to an endianness error. The issue was fixed upstream,
I submitted a MR to Salsa to cherry-pick the patch, which was
subsequently published, unblocking the package.

The package didn't have any support of zstd, making it fails its test
suite. I added a delta to accept zstd-compressed .deb packages, but
haven't taken the time to upstream it to Debian.

The test suite fails due to Ruby 3.0 incompatibilities.
I patched out the Proc.new.call invocations into explicit block.call ones,
submitted both to upstream and Debian. The upstream MR has been merged
and a new version has been released, but the Salsa MR is still opened:

fastp FTBFS on s390x due to missing libisal-dev, which in turns FTBFS
due to endianness issues. I cherry-picked an upstream patch and
submitted it to Debian, which was subsequently synced.

That's all!

Simon Chopin
Foundations Team                               	         Ubuntu Core Dev
simon.chopin at canonical.com                            schopin at ubuntu.com

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