Proposed deprecation of the Canonical partner archive

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Thu Jan 27 22:25:12 UTC 2022

Hi folks,

One of the things we do as part of opening the new Ubuntu development series
is to enable that series for the Canonical partner archive.[1]

The partner archive has been empty for all releases since groovy.  In focal,
the only package it contains is Adobe Flash - which will not be released in

The Snap Store has matured to the point that I believe it supersedes the
partner archive, and we should remove this no-longer-used archive from
Ubuntu systems going forward, pruning the cruft.

This will require changes in several places across Ubuntu (livecd-rootfs,
subiquity, ubiquity, curtin, cloud-init, python-apt) to remove references to
archive.c.c, and changes to ubuntu-release-upgrader to clean up apt sources
on upgrade between releases.  This is all doable within the space of a
release cycle.

I have already solicited input within Canonical regarding this plan and have
heard of no blockers.  While it is unlikely that anyone in the community is
going to have a problem with this deprecation if Canonical is not planning
on publishing anything to it :), we want to be transparent to at least let
know this change is coming.

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