+1 maintenance report

Lukasz Zemczak lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com
Tue Jan 25 21:09:52 UTC 2022


I usually don't do those, but thought I'd try. I had 2 days of +1
maintenance (Monday and Tuesday), and even though I wasn't able to
give it my 100% due to other responsibilities, here's what I did
more-or-less. These are from my slightly chaotic notes:

* Looking into capnproto
  - Stuck in -proposed because of FTBFS on all arches
  - Fixed the FTBFS by fixing the failing tests - possibly due to the
new openssl
  - Sadly, it seems it fails on ppc64el now only, didn't have time to
pursue that yet

* fakechroot depwait:
  - Blocked by jemalloc FTBFS - see below, but now migrated

* jemalloc FTBFS checking:
  - Failed due to glibc 2.34 dropping malloc_hooks, pushed fix
  - Migrated

* Removal of uvp-monitor per request as it was unmaintained

Then I moved on to doing some NBS cleanup:

* glewlwyd no-change rebuild to clear associated NBS

* biboumi and the libidn11 NBS
  - Looked at botan that's blocking that, but ppc64el test failure
makes no sense
  - Hacked a bit on it but didn't make much progress

* emacs - libotf0 NBS
  - emacs was FTBFS after a no-change rebuild
  - Cherry-picked fix to make emacs build again

* libquvi-0.9-0.9.3
   - Its dependency, quvi, had a no-change rebuild FTBFS
   - Since the package was unmaintained, I filled a removal bug and
proceeded with the removal (LP: #1958967)
   - Please shout if you want it back, but remember that it first
needs a build fix!

* libslurm36 NBS
  - Caused by the mpich no-change rebuild FTBFS
  - Looked into the failure, trying to identify obvious solution
  - Tried building the new version from Debian - passed
  - Prepped and uploaded a merge for mpich

...and I think that's it. The rest was outside of +1 maintenance scope, I think.


Ɓukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak
 Foundations Team
 lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com

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