Main inclusion requirement process - updated templates

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Wed Nov 17 09:51:55 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,
the MIR team has made the MIR process [1] easier and more consistent
by updating the templates and rules.

On one hand over the past initial MIR bugs were often inconsistent,
with a wide variety of quality and content provided. On the other hand
the MIR team used a newer template based approach for reviews over a
year now and it standardized and improved our review quality. We were
lucky to add a few new team members over the last years and
introducing them pointed us to ambiguities and duplications. Combining
these insights made us rework the sections for reporters and rules in
the same way it was already successful for our review.

While rewriting we removed those duplications, but also clarified many
cases to outline what prep-work and content we expect. Furthermore in
some cases we prepared common answers/best-practises to select from.
To be clear, the actual requirements didn't really change, but the
content we expect in a report is much more standardized now. All that
will help consistency and avoid later delay due to back and forth
caused by missing details.

You will find all you need to request a MIR bug in [2] (same link as
it always was) and if unsure a little guide how to use it in [3]. As
TL;DR you reduce the template until all TODOs are resolved and the
result is the content of the initial bug.


Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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