+1 maintenance report

Dan Bungert daniel.bungert at canonical.com
Sat May 8 01:59:45 UTC 2021

+1 Maintenance Report
Dan Bungert, Week of May-03-2021

This was my first go at +1!
Thanks to RikMills, racb, and seb128 for retest help this week.

### ui-utilcpp ###

I started looking into this, got as far as concluding that there were
some rpc differences at play between Debian & Ubuntu, then looked at
rdepends and concluded that there weren't many packages looking at this.
Moved on at that point.

### xfig ###

Local tests fine, there is a valgrind complaint which I chased for a
while before concluding that the ghostscript library that xfig is using
has some valgrind magic in there.  My hunch is that the valgrind stuff
is a false positive and just not interacting well with the valgrind
settings on ghostscript / this xfig test.  It bugs me that this seems to
test fine for Debian but not for Ubuntu but I currently lack a better

I was able to verify at least that this doesn't seem to be something
that could be remediated by big_packages:
autopkgtest -- qemu --ram-size=600 --cpus=1
passed for me.

### sshuttle ###

This one helped me learn about the hints system for big_packages /
long_tests.  sshuttle was already in long_tests but hadn't been properly
rerun since start of impish (ignoring transient test failures on
04-27-2021).  Simple retests here are fine, but the tests take almost 5
hours and involve a lot of waiting on timeouts so I filed LP: #1927757
to help document the aspiration to speed this up.

### openmolcas ###

I couldn't reproduce the builder problems, but I could produce other
test suite failures.  Fixed what I could reproduce and sent MP and a
Debian bug to document it (debbug: #988161).

### security item ###

There was another item in a universe package that I chased down that I
ended up emailing Debian Security about.  I'm not sure how big the issue
is but I'm also not sure how public it should be so I'll leave it at
that for now.

### other ###

lava vs qemu - I peeked briefly and looped some tests locally in the
background and concluded that it just needed some retest clicks, looks
like others have that moving forward.


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