Announcing the Ubuntu Metrics project, and calling for collaborators

Iain Lane laney at
Wed Jan 13 12:29:43 UTC 2021

Hi all,

This is something I've been working on in the background for a few weeks 
and I'm ready to ask for collaborators now.

We now have an instance of Grafana and InfluxDB available to the Ubuntu 
project for the community to use to better track metrics about its work.  
It is available on the web at:

(there are currently two dashboards: a second one is for the *staging* 
autopkgtest instance - "soon"™ to start learning about the production 
one too)

I've written some initial collectors to grab some data to show everyone 
what kinds of things can be done. Once there's more data being gathered 
we can organise things into different dashboards in a way that makes 
sense for your team.

Some things it might be useful to have

  - Bug statistics for groups of packages / packagesets / those 
    subscribed to by a team
  - Number of CC / TB / release / archive team bugs which are waiting 
    for action
  - Packages stalled in -proposed
  - Size of devel-proposed
  - Size / age of ISO images
  - Maybe something about the health of the community?
  - ...

Or I know some folks at Canonical have some of these things in internal 
dashboards already, so maybe consider what can be moved over here.

The code is here:

and I'm keen to share access and review burden with—at least 
initially—any Ubuntu Developer (~ubuntu-dev member) who wants to get 
involved. Especially since I know I'm not the bestest Grafana wizard 
around the place. 🙃

Let me know by private mail if you want to join the team, and also we 
can use this thread to collect ideas.

Finally, thanks to Canonical IS for setting this all up for us to use, 
and dealing patiently with me for the lengthy period where I didn't 
really know what we wanted or what I was asking for/talking about. 😬💚


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