systemd enabling cgroup v2 by default (default-hierarchy=unified)

Lukas Märdian slyon at
Tue Aug 17 09:18:58 UTC 2021

Hi all,

After delaying this for a long time, we want to follow upstream, Debian 
and others in switching to the "unified" cgroup hierarchy (cgroupv2) by 

As discussed with the snapd and release teams, the next systemd upload 
will land this change (before FeatureFreeze). We expect some minor 
outfall in the proposed migration (wrt. snapd), that should be mitigated 
via and resolved later this 
cycle once the full snapd cgroup v2 support is landed:

If for some reason you need to keep the legacy cgroup v1 hierarchy, you 
can select it via a kernel parameter at boot time:


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