Fwd: Can we whitelist llvm-toolchain-11 for i386?

Ernst Sjöstrand ernstp at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 07:27:46 UTC 2020

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Från: Ernst Sjöstrand <ernstp at gmail.com>
Date: mån 17 aug. 2020 kl 07:49
Subject: Can we whitelist llvm-toolchain-11 for i386?
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llvm-toolchain-10 is whitelisted for i386 but not 11, so you can't backport
it to Focal etc.
That could be nice for the upcoming RDNA2 support for example.
I realized it when uploading it here:

I guess I could upload it as llvm-toolchain-10 with version 11, but that's
pretty strange... :-)

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