+1 maintenance report

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 4 06:33:44 UTC 2020

On +1 maintenance Wednesday/Thursday this week.

Worked on the oldest packages in update_excuses, along with also whacking
the libffi/haskell transition along bit by bit (work which has been ongoing
continually since before the weekend, in addition to my explicit +1
maintenance shift).

 - rust-getopts: synced rust-unicode-width from experimental, to address the
   uninstallability of librust-getopts+rustc-dep-of-std-dev due to a
   dependency on a binary package only available there.  Unfortunately this
   does not address installability of librust-getopts+std-dev, which depends
   on librust-rustc-std-workspace-std-1+default-dev, which is not in
   evidence anywhere in Ubuntu or Debian.
 - rust-cookie-store: removed due to (build-)dependency on rust-cookie which
   was also removed, and added to 
 - qwertone: removed, ftbfs in release, -proposed, and Debian.
 - node-xterm: looked at briefly, wanted to remove it but it has too many
   reverse-dependencies via jupyter-notebook.
 - ledger-autosync: fixed the trivial FTBFS and submitted Debian bug
 - jinja2-time: FTBFS in -proposed and unstable, so removed.  (Had filed
   Debian bug #944030 about this almost a year ago, but no one had followed
   up to remove the package from -proposed.)
 - golang-github-rs-zerolog: arch: all package with test failures only on
   armhf, documented as Debian bug #963540.  Has not blocked releasability
   in Debian (package is in testing with these failures) and is otherwise
   unavailable at any version in the Ubuntu release, so does not benefit our
   users to block it.  Override added for the autopkgtest failure.
 - double-conversion: new autopkgtest which regressed cross-testability
   support, required for i386.  Fixed the autopkgtest to work in a cross
   environment, filed a bug with Debian.
 - dicompyler: synced new version from Debian which uses python3.
 - debian-cloud-images: blocked by a dependency on a newer fai, which hasn't
   been merged from unstable since 2017.  Both packages are of questionable
   utility in Ubuntu, especially as the fai package appears to be set to
   pull from artful by default (which was current when last merged), which
   definitely no longer works since it's EOL and the sources.list is now
   invalid.  But given that the package almost certainly isn't getting use
   today as a result, I took the easy path of merging the new version and
   - but this did not succeed in unblocking debian-cloud-images, which also
     has dependencies on binary packages that don't exist in Ubuntu
     (grub-cloud-amd64, linux-image-amd64, linux-image-cloud-amd64).  So I
     removed the package instead (LP: #1894033).
 - coyote: a lot of gdl packages have been failing on ppc64el; coyote hasn't
   shipped in Ubuntu since cosmic due to these test failures, and new
   versions have continued to fail.  But if this were a new package (which
   it basically is now since it's been reintroduced via sync after the
   previous removal), we would not block on these test failures; and Debian,
   which now has autopkgtests on ppc64el, also did not block since these
   packages were promoted to testing before ppc64el autopkgtests were
   happening.  So I've hinted to ignore the test failure.
 - bombono-dvd: Ubuntu-specific package, no python3 support, was removed
   from focal release and should also have been removed from -proposed. 
   Removed now.
 - ants: FTBFS, was removed from focal release pocket due to blocking a
   transition, but was left in -proposed because it had an Ubuntu delta.  No
   reason to still keep it around in -proposed after nearly a year, so
 - libkqueue: blocked since April due to an armhf-only build failure; but
   the version in the release pocket FTBFS on all archs and this package has
   not shipped in the last two Debian stable releases.  Since the version in
   the release pocket is a candidate for removal due to the build failure,
   and the version in -proposed would automatically migrate if the release
   version weren't there (as would any future version of libkqueue that was
   synced from Debian), I've gone ahead and removed the armhf binaries for
   libkqueue and its reverse-dependency to let this migrate.

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