Hirsute opening status?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Tue Oct 27 09:51:53 UTC 2020

Hey Christian,

Thanks for the reply. Indeed checking the status is easy enough (also
uploads return a 'waiting for approval' email instead of accepted). Is
it fine to upload in the queue though or should we hold on if possible
until the freeze is lifted?

The fact it's frozen doesn't tell us when we expect our work to be
unblocked or how we can help to get there though.

Laney kindly pointed out that
was something currently being worked on, it's unclear to me if we want
that transition to be finished before accepting other uploads (how long
is that likely to take, days? weeks?). I'm also not sure if that's the
only thing blocking.

I'm Cc-ing ubuntu-release@ now, maybe they can help answering some of
those questions.

Sebastien Bacher

Le 27/10/2020 à 07:18, Christian Ehrhardt a écrit :
> I'm in no way denying the usefulness of such a mail, but as a hint for
> self-checking the state
> I can recommend to look at the release pages like [1] and avoid
> uploading before the status
> "Pre-release Freeze" is gone there.

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