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Michael Hudson-Doyle michael.hudson at canonical.com
Tue Oct 6 03:49:22 UTC 2020

Because of some family stuff, I only had one slightly shortened day
this time around. I focused on ftbfs from the recent report -- I scrolled
down to universe and just started from the top.

I fixed 4g8 in Ubuntu. I should probably NMU it to debian but I've not done
that before!

I fixed accelio by turning off some warnings (don't build distro code with
Werror pls)

I found an upstream patch for the accounts-qml-module failure and
backported that. It turned out that libaccounts-qt also needed a patch
before accounts-qml-module would build.

acelib ftbfs with glibc 2.32 but I found a newer version of the upstream
source with a fix. But then it is broken by the removal of sunrpc from

achilles failed on armhf but it looks spurious.

acm is broken by the removal of sunrpc from glibc. I think this might be
fixed upstream, at least in this fork

adequate was removed from Debian testing almost a year ago as part of the
python2 removal, so probably should be removed from Ubuntu too.

Then my next shift rolled around quicker than usual and this time I started
at the bottom of the list. I fixed simple things in zookeeper, ziproxy,

I whipped up a patch to switch zfs-fuse to tirpc and sent it to Debian to
see if the maintainers could be prodded into giving it a quick sanity check

I fixed a failure in zeromq3 on s390x (apparently a consequence of more
aggressive inlining there?) and sent it upstream
https://github.com/zeromq/libzmq/pull/4055 (it's trivial).

zemberek-ooo fails in the same way as debian:
https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=802416 -- which was filed
in 2015, and it was removed from testing in 2017 -- probably a removal
candidate then...

z3 fails on s390x in a way I find totally opaque.

I fixed simple issues in yersinia, yazpp, xtron and xsd.

I then read some documentation and NMUed my fixes to Debian where

I had a quick look at the openexr transition, currently blocked by an
autopkgtest failure and the failure of vips and kio-extras to build. I
retried the autopkgtest failure a couple of times (
https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/b/bambam/groovy/s390x), synced a
build fix for vips from Debian, looked at kio-extras and mostly got a bit
angry at cmake but found a fix and uploaded that. vips 8.10 in proposed
seems to break ruby-vips on arm64 and ppc64el though - I don't think this
is a flake so this needs some kind of resolution before the transition will
go through.

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