+1 maintenance status − June 18-19

Olivier Tilloy olivier.tilloy at canonical.com
Fri Jun 19 18:03:56 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

I was on +1 maintenance shift this Thursday and Friday.
This is what I managed to get through:

  * rocksdb FTBFS: filed https://launchpad.net/bugs/1884072,
cherry-picked one upstream patch and wrote another trivial one,
attached debdiff to the bug report, needs sponsoring (but low priority
because the new upstream version that is available in experimental
builds fine)
  * python-cogent: looked at autopkgtests failures, but I couldn't
reproduce them locally, I asked for retries with various triggers, but
no luck
  * libvorbis: the autopkgtests depended on a python2 package that had
been removed from the archive, I filed https://bugs.debian.org/963082
and submitted https://salsa.debian.org/multimedia-team/libvorbis/-/merge_requests/1,
and prepared an ubuntu debdiff which Balint kindly sponsored
  * gmenuharness: was removed in focal
(https://launchpad.net/bugs/1866434) but crept back in (not sure
how?), it should be removed again
  * got the libvorbis autopkgtests triggered by glibc 2.31-0ubuntu10
retried, and passed
  * libvoikko needed a no-change rebuild to update its dependencies to
the bumped hfst-ospell soname (10 -> 11), so that hfst-ospell could
migrate, I uploaded 4.3-1build2, and the migration proceeded
  * dh-python autopkgtest failures
(https://launchpad.net/bugs/1883297, https://bugs.debian.org/956295),
fixed with a combination of cherry-picking an upstream commit
that hasn't been released yet, and disabling Python2 tests (as was
done in version 4.20191017ubuntu4 in focal) − needs sponsoring
(debdiff attached to the bug report)

Have a good week-end,


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