+1 maintenance status − July 13-17

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at canonical.com
Fri Jul 17 19:50:24 UTC 2020

On Friday, July 17 2020, Rafael David Tinoco wrote:

> This was my week and here is some of my notes about achievements and
> highlights:

I helped Rafael a little bit on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Here's my brief

> ----
> Overall status:
> --
> - read all the maint+1 docs and @piloted in ubuntu-devel
> - qemu TCG memory issue causing spinned qemu instances to be killed
> casper has a qemu instance killed because of TCG (cdrom file cant be found)
> => lost some time here trying to reproduce, unfortunately lack of attention
> as @paelzer had already warned me about, but I did not link cause and
> effect for this case.

I investigated casper one with Rafael on Wednesday, but he continued the
investigation (and eventually talked to @paelzer and found what was
happening) on Thursday.

> ----
> Detailed information of what I remembered to take notes of:
> --
> Excuses [universe]: dropbear (helping sergiodj in ramping up maint+1)
> 4 hands with sergiodj for maint+1 and core-dev skills ramp up.
> (he will send his notes)

This was an interesting case.  dropbear version 2020.79-1 failed at
a certain point in the past, and this failure blocked libtommath from
migrating (it's worth mentioning that libtommath had *also* failed, so
it was blocking itself).  Then, a new upload of dropbear was made
(version 2020.80-1), and this version did pass.  However, libtommath
was still listed as blocked due to dropbear 2020.79-1.

Rafael and I tried to understand what was happening, and why
libtommath's tests were not retriggered when the new dropbear version
was uploaded.  Long story short, after talking to Lucas Kanashiro we
learned that these retries have to be submitted by hand.  So that's
Rafael did.

- rsync

I investigated the failure, submitted a bug & an MP to fix it:


The new version has been uploaded and the package has migrated.

- libtommath

I also spent some time investigating this one.  It was failing with
"badpkg" on i386, and I noticed that it had a hint (force-badtest) for
another version of the package, so I thought it made sense to expand
this hint and just ignore all versions of libtommath on i386.  I filed
an MP for this, but vorlon did not accept it & kindly fixed the package
instead (it was actually a problem with cross dependencies & cross GCC).


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