Ubuntu +1 Maintenance Report (July 16 -17)

Balint Reczey balint.reczey at canonical.com
Sat Jul 18 15:56:15 UTC 2020

Hi Everyone,

I've asked for the removal of libselinux 3.1-1 from groovy-proposed
because .symbols' symbol version were broken and broke packages built
with it. Luckily the only reverse dependency affected was systemd
which I rebuilt.
libselinux also breaks glibc's autopkgtest which I plan fixing outside
of +1 maintenance, next week: LP: #1887919

I've rebased https://code.launchpad.net/~rbalint/ubuntu-archive-tools/retry-intermittent/+merge/384468
hoping that eventually it will be merged. I used the pending changes
in my shift again to re-trigger a fair amount of tests.

I've NMU-d hyperkitty and postorius via Debian and that will hopefully
unblock the migration of glewlwyd. The new proposed-migration page [0]
helps a lot in triaging installability issues, thanks Laney for
rebasing Britney!

Mysql-8.0 regressed in the release pocket, thus I've filed LP:
#1887979 and a hint.
BTW the hints I've filed in my previous +1 maintenance shift were not
merged for 10 days, just now, after explicitly adding reviewing users
despite that I've pinged ubuntu-release on 2020-07-06.
I'd like to suggest that every active team in Ubuntu should adopt a
monitoring process to handle reviews without users set explicitly and
ensuring timely reply to merge requests.

I started going through the rust-* packages and introduced
rust-jobserver to get rust-*git* migrated. The rust-jobserver was
removed from the archive but I could not find any trace of why, since
there was no removal bug.
This is an example of the systematic issue we are having in Ubuntu.
There are packages without Ubuntu-specific delta which are stuck to a
version lower than in Debian because or completely missing from Ubuntu
no new Debian upload triggered the sync since the package was removed.
Sometimes the absence of the package or the lower version does match
the intention because the package was not ready for release or should
not be part of Ubuntu, but in rust-jobserver's case it looks like the
package was just lost. Most likely if the package entered testing in
Debian it is in good enough shape to be released in Ubuntu so I've
came up with the following UDD query:

 SELECT sources.source, ubuntu_groovy.max_version AS ubuntu_version,
 (SELECT source, MAX(version) as max_version
  FROM ubuntu_sources
  WHERE release LIKE 'groovy%'
  GROUP BY source) as ubuntu_groovy
 ON sources.source = ubuntu_groovy.source
 WHERE sources.release='bullseye'
 AND (
  (ubuntu_groovy.max_version < sources.version AND
ubuntu_groovy.max_version NOT LIKE '%ubuntu%')
  OR ubuntu_groovy.max_version is NULL)
 AND NOT sources.section = 'debian-installer'
 GROUP by sources.source, sources.version, ubuntu_groovy.max_version
 ORDER BY sources.source;

There are a few rough edges like versions are compared as strings and
debian-installer components should be filtered better, but the results
[1] is worth checking. This would probably be better as an archive
report automatically linking to removal bug reports and I may start
working on that after my previous merge request gets merged [2]. Did I
mention stale merge requests? ;-)


[0] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2020-July/041078.html
[1] https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pnwp2v2vVv/
[2] https://code.launchpad.net/~rbalint/ubuntu-archive-scripts/bzr-by-team-report/+merge/359222

Balint Reczey
Ubuntu & Debian Developer

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