Ubuntu on the M1 chip

Matthias Klose doko at ubuntu.com
Fri Dec 18 20:16:51 UTC 2020

Santa visited early, brought a Mac Mini, and Parallels provided a first preview
of Parallels Desktop for Mac M1 yesterday.

gcc-10 build and test time is 3:10h with eight cores (38h on LP, although this
is using four cores).  Julian had a small apt build benchmark, which is 11.6 sec
on the M1 (-j 8), 42sec on a Lenovo first-gen X1e (6 cores, -j12), 8.4sec on a
Ryzen 3970x (limited to -j 8).

Installed Ubuntu 20.10 server (couldn't find an arm64 desktop iso, are we only
shipping Pi images?). Some notes:

- You can only configure 8GB RAM for the VM (the machine has 16GB).

- IPv6 doesn't work with a bridged network. Likely a Parallels
  bug. Just disable it.

- You can't run ARM32 binaries. I don't know if that's a
  limitation of Parallels or the M1 chip.

Merry XMas, Matthias

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