Bileto and RiscV64

Marco Trevisan marco.trevisan at
Fri Aug 28 16:27:56 UTC 2020

Il 27/08/20 17:56, Lukasz Zemczak ha scritto:
> I think the problem here is the general Bileto architecture, where
> autopkgtests can only be triggered when all arch builds are finished
> and 'diffed'. But if there are no objections, I could maybe change
> Bileto to not care about riscv when performing checks, maybe besides
> the final publishing step (in case someone wants to do Bileto publish
> to the archive).

This is probably the best option.

The fact of having riscv building is still useful for me when it comes
to test builds in that arch (and qemu or other alternatives are still
slow anyways).

So fine, unless we've still it buildable (another option could be maybe
use the ticket description to instruct bileto?)


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