Ubuntu +1 Maintenance Report (Aug 14)

Balint Reczey balint.reczey at canonical.com
Sun Aug 16 09:21:41 UTC 2020

Hi Everyone,

* Fixed regressions I caused in ubuntu-archive-tools'
retry-autopkgtest-regressions. I actually did that in my July 30-31
shift which became very short due to various reasons.
* Took a look at the icu transition and it is was blocked only on the
building libreoffice package thus I could not move that forward
* Retried build of rust-onig-sys package on riscv64 to unblock a few
packages, but it failed in tests thus filed LP: #1891686 to disable
tests for all riscv64 which we already started discussing and LP:
#1891688 for the actual FTBFS tagged with 'update-excuse'
* Asked for demotion of rust-tokio-core to -proposed which ended up
being a removal because it needs a sourceful upload to ever migrate.
This unblocked rust-scoped-tls which migrated.
* Filed LP: #1891691 with 'update-excuse' against rust-cookie-store
explaining that it needs rust-cookie to be fixed first
* Synced rust-gtk up from Eoan to restore it. This needs only upload
rights, but then AA powers were needed to accept it from the New
queue. This may unblock qwertone. The restoration brought back i386
binaries, too, which should be removed, see LP: #1891754
* Asked for demotion of rust-crossbeam which also became a removal
* Asked for removal of predictprotein due to
* retried intermittent autopkgtest failured with
./retry-autopkgtest-regressions  --log-regex ...
* Reworked the fix for automatically retrying on intermittent
autopkgtest failures
* Followed up on migrating Britney hints to git


Balint Reczey
Ubuntu & Debian Developer

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