chromium-browser epoch bump for transitional package?

Dimitri John Ledkov xnox at
Wed Aug 12 12:43:08 UTC 2020


On Wed, 12 Aug 2020 at 13:32, Robie Basak <robie.basak at> wrote:
> In doing SRU reviews today, I came across LP: #1889106 which is a
> request for a no-change rebuild to bump the version so it beats the
> versions presented in previous releases.
> The problem is real, but it seems suboptimal to me to keep fixing it
> this way. We'll need to keep SRUing chromium-browser to Focal (and later
> releases presumably). Every time we do that, all users (who have the
> transitional package) get yet another update to download, even if it is
> small. And every time it takes both Olivier's and the SRU team's time.
> Would an epoch bump be a better option here? Debian doesn't currently
> carry a package with that name, so we're already diverged enough that I
> don't forsee a problem from there.

lxd used epoch too, to ensure that deb2snap transitional package is
always higher whichever backports are uploaded as debs into previous

So +1 from me.



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