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Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Wed Aug 12 07:59:42 UTC 2020

It has been an intense time for multiple groups, thank you both for
being willing to pull this frayed thread back into the tapestry.

The many flavours of Ubuntu are an important part of our story, and
occasionally it helps to remind ourselves of that.

Free software is great because it enables people to pursue diverse
interests and passions without having to get a central endorsement.
Anybody can make a distro that explores the ideas they are interested
in, without seeking Linus' blessing, or any company support. However,
they then have the full burden of 'doing it right', with all the
infrastructure and security and update work that entails. As a result,
many of the more specialist distros suffer on base quality or security.

Our flavours are a way of enabling people to express and share their
interests in a different take on Linux, but benefit from all the shared
effort that goes into the archive, at the (hopefully small) cost of
coordinating in the archive and around releases.

Perhaps it would be good to have a dashboard of things like queue length
and wait time, together with a single 'status' page where current
constraints could be expressed, if we don't already have that.

We do also intend to appoint a dedicated person focused on community
processes rather than Canonical processes; while they won't be expected
to *do* this work, they would be a natural coordinator and able to
provide more insight to all the groups that share the archive for their
different goals.


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