18.04.2 is coming

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 30 15:24:34 UTC 2019

Hey there,

I feel like there isn't much communication around incoming Ubuntu LTS
point releases nowadays which makes it easy to miss the target. I don't
know if it's only me but hopefully others also find this email useful.

So first, for those who don't pay attention to the bionic schedule,
Ubuntu 18.04.2 is due on february 7th, now is probably time to
land/verify the fixes you care about!

Then some questions

* are we still on track for that date?

* when do we need to get the SRUs in proposed and moved to -updates to
be on the image? (having a freeze date on the schedule would be useful)

* do we have a list of "things that need to be in" somewhere? Looking at
the current queues (packages in unapproved or waiting verification in
proposed) and talking to some people we have teams who real care to get
at least those in

- snapd 2.37.1 (just landed in proposed,
- hwe/xorg update
- fwupdate (blocked in bionic/binNEW for some time,

(do we plan a language pack update?)

Thanks for reading, hopefully we are not too late on the schedule to get
the important SRUs listed before still in

Sebastien Bacher

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