State of the Sponsorship Queue - Can we get it to 0?

Simon Quigley tsimonq2 at
Sat Apr 20 22:12:17 UTC 2019


Today I spent a few hours sifting through the sponsorship queue. I
sponsored everything I could review and was comfortable sponsoring, and
asked for changes on many bug reports. The queue started out at about 70
(I didn't catch the exact number) and is now down to 13.

One of the most common changes I requested was that people edit bug
descriptions to follow the SRU template for bugs which have sponsorship
requests open for stable releases. Perhaps a message recommending that
could be added to Brian's automatic reply bot.

Here is my current analysis of the queue:

Requests left: 13
 - - snap-related libnotify patch which I am not
comfortable reviewing. It otherwise seems ready.
 - - debian-installer-related patches which I am
not comfortable reviewing. I pinged slashd asking if he could take a look.
 - - Disco was fixed, but there are debdiffs for
Cosmic and Bionic as well. I pinged Laney to ask if he could review them.
 - - debian-installer-related patch which I am
not comfortable reviewing.
 - - dput patch which juliank said he would
review; I pinged him on IRC.
 - - dput patch which should probably be uploaded
alongside the above patch.
 - - debian-installer-related patch which I am
not comfortable reviewing.
 - - sil2100's name is on it; I subscribed him
but he hasn't had the chance to review it yet.
 - - vorlon sponsored it for a previous release;
I am assuming that, with it only being four days old, it is on someone's
TODO list.
 - - sarnold was looking into it but has not
followed up yet on the bug report. I pinged him on IRC.
 - - The Desktop Team has yet to review.
- Related to livepatch, so a Canonical employee with access to test that
should probably be the one to merge it.
 - - Looks to be an OEM-related
debian-installer-related patch that I am not comfortable reviewing.

Wouldn't it be excellent if we could get this down to 0 so we can start
the Eoan cycle with a clean slate? :)

Simon Quigley
tsimonq2 at
tsimonq2 on freenode and OFTC
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