Barry Warsaw barry at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 15 19:44:59 UTC 2017

I believe aptdaemon is effectively abandoned.  It's been removed from Debian
but it's still hanging around in Ubuntu due to a few reverse dependencies:

% reverse-depends aptdaemon
* gnome-software
* language-selector-gnome
* oem-config-gtk
* python-aptdaemon
* python3-aptdaemon
* sessioninstaller

I think the gnome-software dependency is unnecessary.  I can't find a
reference to aptdaemon in the source, and I built a version without it in my
PPA, tested it in a Zesty VM and it worked fine afaict.  I've prepared a
version that's ready for upload, which I'd like to do unless someone with more
knowledge about it objects.  (OTOH, it's not urgent so it can wait until after

That leaves three remaining dependencies (ignoring python{,3}-apdaemon) all of
which appear legitimate.  Note that language-selector-gnome, oem-config-gtk,
and sessioninstaller are only in Ubuntu, not in Debian, and each still have
their own reverse dependencies.

I bring this up because back in January, I uploaded aptdaemon
1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu17 which was a contributed fix for LP: #1623856; a problem
with the minimum window height.  I thought I'd tested the build at the time,
but I got distracted with other things, and was reminded today that it's
*still* in -proposed because its failing its tests.  I don't think those tests
are fixable without a fair bit of work since afaict, they are using obsolete
APIs that no longer exist.  The version before mine was last uploaded in
Yakkety, and even trying to build the Yakkety version in Zesty fails.  So my
changes (as expected) aren't relevant and the package is simply no longer
buildable in Ubuntu.  Yay for TIL.

Given the state of aptdaemon, I think it's in Ubuntu's interest to drop it,
but that means porting or dropping language-selector-gnome, oem-config-gtk
(src:ubuquity), and sessioninstaller.  I don't know what the states of those
packages are, so the best I can do is file bugs against them.

Given where we are in the Zesty cycle, I recommend just dropping aptdaemon
1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu17 from -proposed and marking LP: #1623856 as Won't Fix.
Let's try to drop aptdaemon from Ubuntu in Acrobatic Aardvark.

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