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Dustin Kirkland kirkland at ubuntu.com
Fri Jul 21 15:26:47 UTC 2017

Howdy Ubuntu,

Working with Will Cooke (Canonical's Ubuntu Desktop Engineering
Manager), we've put together a short survey for you, the Ubuntu
community, as well as the broader Linux ecosystem at large.

We're seeking your input on your favorite apps for the Linux desktop.

You're welcome to engage in discussion here, or in any one of the
following venues where we've cross posted this request, in the
interest of the broadest possible engagement with the Ubuntu community
at large:

Google Forms Survey:
 - https://ubu.one/apps1804

 - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14819508

 - https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/6on93z/ubuntu_1804_lts_desktop_default_application_survey/

 - https://slashdot.org/submission/7250965/ubuntu-1804-lts-desktop-default-application-survey

Dustin Kirkland
Ubuntu Core Developer
Ubuntu Product and Strategy

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