Proposal: new ~ubuntu-sru-uploaders team [was: Unblocking SRU uploader permissions]

Robie Basak robie.basak at
Tue Feb 28 12:57:09 UTC 2017

On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 07:09:12PM +0000, Robie Basak wrote:
> Thank you for the discussion on this. I propose to go ahead and add a
> new ~ubuntu-sru-uploaders team that can upload to any main or universe
> package in any stable release in the usual way, but not to the
> development release. The team would owned and managed by the DMB through
> the usual application process. I believe the DMB has the remit to do
> this, so I'm now asking for a DMB vote.

The DMB approved this yesterday with four votes (unanimous amongst those
who made the meeting).

We agreed the following policy:

To join ~ubuntu-sru-uploaders, the DMB expects:

1) a good track record of sponsored SRUs, a demonstrated understanding
of SRU policies, requirements and process through that track record
including driving SRUs through to the end, not letting things languish
in -proposed;

2) endorsement from SRU sponsors [by this we mean regular sponsors who
have sponsored the applicant's SRUs];

3) the usual requirements and expectations for any uploader;

4) plus [the application of the usual] DMB member judgement.

There was some concern about potential bad uploads bothering the SRU
team, so to mitigate this we also agreed that individual
~ubuntu-sru-uploaders membership will be removed if any of:

1) ~ubuntu-sru resolves to remove the member (how they do so is up to

2) or the DMB resolves to remove the member by a quorate vote, and a
vote will be held if any member of ~ubuntu-sru requests it.

I hope this will never be required, of course.

I'll create the team and request that the TB add it to the appropriate
Launchpad ACL when the first member's application is approved.

I know there is significant interest in Canonical STS staff joining this
new team, and I have been asked when to start applying and so on.

I think it's fine to apply now, but to ramp this up gradually and be
considerate to applicants applying for membership of other teams, I ask
that the DMB handle a maximum of one ~ubuntu-sru-uploaders application
per meeting until any initial wave is done. This is in addition to the
current two applications per meeting limit we have at the moment.

Eric, as you already have an outstanding application that got held
pending the resolution of this issue, do you want to apply first?

To all potential applicants: please remember that we do still have the
requirements as above. Since this team will grant Ubuntu membership, a
"significant and sustained" contribution to Ubuntu is still required. If
you don't have a nice set of SRUs that you have driven and have had
straightforwardly sponsored, or you don't have existing uploaders who
have sponsored your work and are ready to endorse you, you should
probably continue getting SRUs sponsored and defer your application
until you feel that you do meet these requirements.

I hope this new team will help get good quality SRUs landed with less
delay. And whether you are a member of this team or not, thank you for
helping Ubuntu out.

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