Unblocking SRU uploader permissions

Iain Lane laney at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 2 10:14:54 UTC 2017

On Thu, Feb 02, 2017 at 09:41:02AM +0000, Robie Basak wrote:
> > For what it's worth, I don't think that we've seen there be an (unspoken
> > or otherwise) requirement for MOTU as a prequisite for core-dev for a
> > long time now.
> I haven't seen any evidence of an (unspoken or otherwise) _requirement_
> to get MOTU before core-dev, either. But I have seen an unspoken
> _expectation_ of this path from multiple applicants (not just Canonical
> STS). Not from the DMB; from prospective new developers.

OK, but then there is a task to work towards removing that expectation.

> > I think that I was in the more liberal wing of the DMB during my time,
> > but I would have been happy to grant core-dev if the applicant has shown
> > through sponsored uploads to any series that they are a very competent
> > developer, that upload rights to main are required for their
> > contributions, and if I was satisfied by some combination of the
> > interview and their contributions that they understand the policy and
> > procedure of the distro. That includes knowledge of both SRUs and
> > development release uploads, and convincing you that they won't
> > overreach and will ask for help when they need it.
> My "contribute in area B before they can upload directly to unrelated
> area A" statement applies to this scenario, too, not just in relation to
> MOTU/core dev. We're currently requiring applicants to understand more
> than is just required for SRUs in order to upload SRUs. I feel that your
> statement above is saying this as well.

For core-dev I would expect some knowledge of the main parts of Ubuntu's
process. I don't think that I would expect to see contributions in the
form of uploads. If those exist then they might be a demonstration of
knowledge, but that could also happen in another way.

It's up to the DMB. If the group thinks that for core-dev there should
be significant contributions to the development release specifically, as
well as demonstrating an understanding of its process, then you probably
do want to create a new class that doesn't require this. That would
certainly be acceptable. I'm saying that I don't set the bar high enough
to see the required level of understanding as being very difficult to
achieve if you've already contributed via sponsored uploads elsewhere,
so I personally don't see the added complexity as being necessary.

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