Installation Media and supportability of i386 in 18.04 LTS Re: Ubuntu Desktop on i386

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Thu Jun 30 11:10:06 UTC 2016

Am Mittwoch, den 29.06.2016, 21:33 +0000 schrieb Robert Ancell:

> It may be worth considering disabling i386 builds for individual
> packages to reduce the support costs. That way the core packages can
> build for i386 and be used in IoT systems while the graphical
> application stacks can stop building for i386. There would be some
> challenges to negotiate overlap with the flavours (i.e. MATE might
> want their stack i386 and Unity not) and a practical way to do this
> (we don't want to have an Ubuntu version of the packages that come
> from Debian with only a change to the "Architecture" field in
> debian/control).

there might be IoT devices with LCD attached that run a fullscreen kiosk
app ... that app might be written in tcl/tk for whatever reason but use
gsettings for all its config ... 

... where would you actually draw the line to define what an IoT device
needs and what not ?

and would patching the control files to not build i386 actually be less
work than the few architecture related build issues you might have
throughout a cycle ? 

i think we should leave the archive untouched and just drop the official
ubuntu install media.

(if you actually have arch related issues you can still decide to handle
them with low priority)

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