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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Jan 27 06:15:01 UTC 2016

Hello all,

during the virtual proposed-migration sprint [1] last week we worked
on a web-based, SSO authenticated way of retrying autopkgtest
regressions, to reduce the bottleneck of finding a person to do those
for you. The remaining firewall change was done, so this is now
working. On

there are now ♻ symbols after "Regression"s. If you click on them, you
need to sign in through SSO (sessions currently last 12 hours), then
the request gets issued and you should see it on [2] a few seconds
afterwards. You need permission to upload either the package you want
to retry, or the trigger (i. e. the updated package in -proposed that
caused this test to run).

As you can see, "form follows function" ☺  If you know a clever web
2.0-ish way of making the confirmation pages less intrusive and turn
them into transient popups, please talk to me. (Code is at [3])

Finally: Please don't abuse this, we don't have unlimited resources.
It's fine to retry tests which are actually flaky (particularly if
they only fail on one architecture), or you know you just fixed some
uninstallability etc. But don't go through and retry all of them
without even looking at the logs. We don't permanently log who
requested retries, but the Launchpad names will be visible on [2] as
long as they are queued or running.

Thanks again to Barry Warsaw and Robert Park, who contributed the
whole web/SSO mechanics for this!



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