ANNOUNCEMENT: CI Train Changes (Britney Phase 2)

Robert Park robert.park at
Wed Jan 13 21:43:46 UTC 2016

Hello! Exciting news!

I've just rolled out Phase 2 of the Britney implementation within the CI Train.

What does this mean?

It means that all train silos **MUST** be approved by Britney before
they can be entered into the QA queue. If your package has
autopkgtests, it means autopkgtest regressions are discovered BEFORE
we waste QA's time verifying a silo. There are other checks, too, in
addition to autopkgtests. Essentially we are running packages through
proposed-migration first, then doing human QA second.

There are some fun changes to watch out for in the Bileto UI:

* "QA Signoff" has been split into three separate fields: "Lander
Signoff", "Britney Signoff", and "QA Signoff". The intended workflow
looks like this:

1. You create a ticket, and you assign & build it yourself. You test
it yourself and make sure it works to your satisfaction. Once you're
happy, you set Lander Signoff to "Approved".

2. When Lander Signoff is "Approved", britney takes over and runs your
autopkgtests. The "Britney Signoff" field will indicate either
Running, Failed, or Approved (if it's blank that means it didn't start
yet, I expect it should start within 30 minutes of setting Lander
Signoff to Approved)

3. If and only if Lander Signoff and Britney Signoff are both
Approved, *then* QA Signoff is automatically set to 'Ready' and QA
people will be notified to verify your silo.

4. Once all three signoffs are Approved, the silo can be published.

* It's now possible to modify the Lander Signoff and QA Signoff fields
"live", eg, without having to click edit / change the signoff / click
save. I hope everybody enjoys the reduction in clicking ;-)

* I reversed the sort order of the audit logs, those messages are now
newest-first. I did this because some of them were getting mighty long
and the newest info was most relevant so it made more sense to see it

As usual if there's any problems please don't hesitate to message me,
also if you need help interpreting the "excuses" page, a good person
to talk to is Martin Pitt.

Thanks everybody! Enjoy!


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