ANNOUNCEMENT: New train features!

Robert Park robert.park at
Tue Jan 5 05:24:57 UTC 2016

Hi guys!

During the break I had a chance to fix some papercuts in Bileto, which
I've only just rolled out today, so next time you use it you might
notice a couple things:

1. It now has a rudimentary input validation in the client side, so if
you put in bad inputs (in particular if you try to put a branch in the
MPs field), it will light up in pink and prevent you from saving the
request. This should hopefully save you a bit of frustration of
submitting invalid inputs and then only finding out later on when
jenkins doesn't do what you expect.

2. When editing requests, only modified fields are submitted through
JSON rather than resubmitting the whole request, which means it's now
possible for two people to edit different fields on the same request
at the same time and not get into "revert wars" unless you're both
editing the same field. This probably isn't a huge deal for most
people but in the event that the request status changes while you have
the edit screen open you'll no longer see "Updated status" in the
audit log, which was caused by you reverting the automatically-set
status with your edit.

3. Speaking of the audit log, newly created "Updated foo, bar"
messages will now be hidden just like the links to the jenkins jobs,
which means the comment area now only displays hand-written human
comments, which should make it less cluttered and easier to read. Just
click 'Show Audit Log' to reveal all the recorded activity on the
ticket. (older "Updated..." comments will still remain visible and
haven't changed, this change only affects newly created ones)

As always, I'm happy to iterate on your feedback, so let me know
what's working for you and what isn't! Happy new year!


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