Using the dummy0 interface for a local-only service to be broadcasted by Avahi

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at
Thu Dec 29 22:02:14 UTC 2016

On 12/29/2016 05:27 PM, Philipp Kern wrote:
> On 12/29/2016 08:16 PM, Till Kamppeter wrote:
>> This would especially mean that I can access the printer's web admin
>> interface by pointing a browser to this address so I try the simple
>> command line browser wget:
> curl seems to work:
> $ curl "http://[fe80::3664:a9ff:fe9a:f5b8%25br0]/"
> No such site at :80
> $ curl "http://[fe80::3664:a9ff:fe9a:f5b8%br0]/"
> No such site at :80
> If only we had universal support for interface scopes by having a
> unified function that parses IP addresses...
> Kind regards
> Philipp Kern

A success message:

When I run

'ipp://[fe80::e828:7eff:fe19:9962%25ippusbxd]:60000/ipp/print' > test.ppd

on a current, fully up-to-date Zesty, the file test.ppd contains a valid 
PPD file for my printer, meaning that the "driverless" utility (of the 
cups-filters package) queried the printer via IPP, talking to it via the 
IPv6-based IP address with explicit selection of the interface.

As "driverless" talks to the network using the CUPS library libcups, it 
seems that I have found out how to talk IPv6 to CUPS.


ipptool -tv 
get-printer-attributes.test > out.txt

works (needs cups-ipp-tools installed). out.txt contains the IPP 
attributes record of the printer after this command.

I can even create a driverless print queue

lpadmin -p DJ2540IPv6 -E -v 
-meverywhere -o PageSize=A4

and actually print on my printer:

lp -d DJ2540IPv6 ~/.quiltrc

So the IPv6 URI works perfectly well with CUPS, problems are now:

- The IPv6 IP does not work with web browsers (Firefox, Chrome; for the 
printer's admin interface) and wget.

- I am not able to Bonjour-broadcast my printer with this URI. Probably 
one only needs to make this dummy-based "ippusbxd" interface do multicast.


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