Thu/Fri: Virtual mini-sprint for upstart → systemd migration

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Jan 13 06:35:12 UTC 2015

Hello Ubuntu developers,

we aim for switching from upstart to systemd on the system side (not
yet user session) this cycle [1]. One of the main blockers are the few
dozen packages which only ship upstart jobs but not corresponding SysV
init scripts or systemd units.

These are the target for a virtual mini sprint that we hold on
Thursday and Friday this week. We don't want to put up too much
bureaucracy for it as the main point is to take some time to get this
over with, and rely on fellow sprint participants to be available and
"in the mood" for questions and testing booting with patches. But we
do need to coordinate who will work on which package, which will
happen on an Etherpad:

This has some documentation pointers at the top, debdiff links to
already converted packages as examples, and a task list.
Communication, questions, and coordination will just happen in #ubuntu-devel.
We will also have an Europe-US handover hangout on each day, the
precise time and URL will be announced in the pad.

Everyone who is interested is welcome to participate, of course.
Before you start working on this, please read

which explains how to boot your system with systemd and how to convert
upstart jobs. Note that the latter is pretty much just an 1:1
conversion and does not show any of the more powerful systemd features
like socket activation; but we can always refine and optimize those
later; for now the goal is to have no regressions in any package when
booting with systemd.

We expect to get everything converted except the "Touch" section; that
one is quite a bit more work, but as the Touch images have their own
seeds we can also switch the init system of desktop/server/cloud
independently from touch. Progress in this area will mostly depend on
how many Touch developers can participate.

Thanks, and happy booting!


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