Ubuntu Vivid Vervet test rebuilds (all components, all architectures)

Matthias Klose doko at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 6 13:31:01 UTC 2015

A test rebuild of Vivid Vervet was started this week for all
architectures, and is finished for the main component.

Results can be found at


The archive for the test rebuild is

Additional build failures for packages in vivid-proposed (not yet in vivid)
can be found at http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/

Please help fixing the build failures.


PS: A second test rebuild (using a snapshot of GCC 5) is currently running, in
preparation of the move to GCC 5 in 15.10.  This can be found at


The corresponding compiler packages are in the PPA

... just in case you want to make packages ready for GCC 5.

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