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Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at
Fri Oct 10 13:57:31 UTC 2014


so liborcus now build-depends on libixion due to an update that was synced to
utopic. I cleared most of the work needed for a MIR[1], but will not yet add a
symbols file, as a quick check shows it would include (non-template) symbols from
the ::std:: and ::boost:: namespaces which clearly it shouldnt. So as per "If you find (on some arches)
symbols that are exported which are not supposed to be public, you must not use
symbols versioning at all." Before shipping a symbols file, upstream would need
to get its ducks in a row.

Note in addition, that:
- currently the only possible client of libixion is LibreOffice
- the libixion ABI so far does not have any ambition to be stable yet -- in
  fact, IIRC the ABI changed with every release so far
- even LibreOffice on utopic isnt currently using the package, but a bundled
  version of libixion/liborcus anyway (actually it cant be otherwise, as
  LibreOffice is in main)

So for now, Id suggest to either:
 a/ keep LibreOffice on its internal build versions of libixion/liborcus and
    not update the packages in the archive (which are unused anyway)
 b/ update libixion/liborcus without a symbols file for now, use that from
    LibreOffice and be optimistically confident that upstream libixion will fix
    their exports by the time there are actually other clients than LibreOffice for
    the lib (if that should ever happen).




[1] see

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